Smallmouth Bass Feed Trained

Smallmouth Bass Feed Trained
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SMALLMOUTH BASS (Micropterus dolomieu) 

Other Names:  Bronzeback, Smallie 

ADULT FISH IDENTIFICATION:  Similar in appearance to :argemouth Bass, but the lower jaw does not extend past the back part of the eye.  Though color varies from bronze to olive-green, adults usually have vertical bands along their body. 

DIET:  Amphibians, crayfish, fish and insects. 

SPAWNING:  In the Midwest, early-March to mid-May when water temperatures are 55-65̊ F.  Nests can be constructed in 1’ to 4’ of water on firm sand but they prefer gravel bottoms or rocky substrates 1” to 4” diameter.  

FISHING TIPS:  Artificial lures and live baits such as crayfish and fathead minnows are popular for smallmouth bass in the late Spring. 

STOCKING RATES: 50-120 per acre depending on fishery goals

These are feed trained fish.

A $250 minimum order to one address is required to qualify for free fish delivery within 50 miles of zip code 46531. Call or e-mail for delivery quote if you are outside of that area or if the order is less than $250. Multiple fish species can be combined to meet the $250 minimum for free delivery. Any fish orders paid for via credit card and cancelled will be subject to a 20% administrative fee. 

Fish sizes marked with an * are in short supply and might not be available at time of order, call or e-mail for availability.

Sold out for Spring of 2021, will have Smallmouth Fall of 2021, price and size to be determined. Will know more by mid September. 

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