Rosy Red Minnows

Rosy Red Minnows
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ROSY RED MINNOWS (Pimephales promelas) 

OTHER NAMES: Rosy Reds, Pink Tuffies 

IDENTIFICATION: A light-orange to pink color variation of the traditional fathead minnow that has a darkened pinkish midline running the length of its body, a small mouth and a darkened spot at the base on the dorsal fin.       

DIET: Zooplankton, phytoplankton and small insect larvae 

SPAWNING: In the Midwest, Rosy Red minnows start spawning once a month throughout the spring and summer once water temperatures reach 64̊F.  Females spawn multiple times between spring and fall, laying their sticky eggs on the underside of objects in 12”-36” water. The male guards the eggs and cleans them with the tubercles on top of their heads..  Their reproductive rate makes them an excellent stocking choice as food for fish that are less than 10” in length. 

FISHING TIPS:  The bright color of the rosy red minnow makes it an excellent live bait choice. Fathead minnows are the best known live bait minnows for Crappie and other pan fish.

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