Optimal Starter Feed #4 2.5mm Round Slow Sinking Pellet

Optimal Starter Feed #4  2.5mm Round Slow Sinking Pellet
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For use in Salt, Brackish or Fresh Water. 48% Protein, 18% Lipid diet. Specialized Micronutrients added. Highly Palatable, promotes rapid growth, it's high palatability helps hasten feed training. 40# bag

Optimal Starter feed is the result of linking key nutritional parameters with biological and physiological responses in fish. Optimal represents nearly 10 years of focused nutritional research as well as the utilization of medical research techniques resulting in several break-through products not only for food fish producers, but trophy pond enthusiasts as well.

Starter feeds are a crucial component to raising fish. What fish eat in the beginning can have a major impact on how they develop, grow, and feed. Optimal Starter feeds are produced with high quality reputably sourced ingredients and designed to perform under even the most stressful commercial hatchery conditions and promote increased feed training, lower mortalities, and exceptional growth. Optimal Starter feeds utilize the highest quality marine protein and lipid sources available. These feeds contain optimized concentrations of specific micronutrients which are critically important for the health, growth and production of fish during the incredibly important hatchery/early juvenile stages of production.

This is a slow sinking crumble.

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