Optimal Hand Thrown Feed 1" Floating

Optimal Hand Thrown Feed 1" Floating
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Optimal Handthrow floating feed is the result of linking key nutritional parameters with biological and physiological responses in fish. Optimal represents nearly 10 years of focused nutritional research as well as the utilization of medical research techniques resulting in several break-through products not only for food fish producers, but trophy pond enthusiasts as well.

Optimal Handthrow floating feed was designed for those pond enthusiasts who prefer a larger pellet that many current feeders cannot throw. The 1” pellet size uses our same enhanced formulation with reduced fat levels for trophy bass in your ponds. Our unique 44% protein/8% fat formulation will provide optimal nutrition and better longevity for your larger, older trophy fish. As with all Optimal feeds, fortied key amino acids and increased antioxidant levels support superior growth, health, and longevity at all life stages of development. Comes in a 40# bag.

As with all Optimal feed, shipping and all credit card fees are included in the price.

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